Ambivert personality scale

Why is there no point in limiting yourself by some specific personality tests like Myers-Briggs ?

All personality assessment tests have specific measuring parameters or situations to choose from. But for most people, those parameters change from one situation to another.

For example, if by Myers-Briggs personality assessment you are assessed as INFJ which stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. But thing is that not a single person in this world is fully introverted or extroverted. We just lie anywhere in the Ambivert Personality Continuum.

Also, the fantasy behind labeling people is still unknown. Why would you like to label yourself? Thinking of yourself in terms of some labeling is just a way of limiting yourself and in turn, it may be lead to some unwanted anxiety and depression. Along with INFJ sometimes you may be ISTJ, ISFJ, etc depending on the situation.

I believe you identify yourself as an INFJ or ISTJ or any other terms by going through some blogs or video content. But not everything you see is 100% true. Try to analyze things yourself too. 

According to some researchers, there is no point in such personality tests because most people are just a combination of multiple personality traits that don’t sit well according to the established personality assessment tests.

Before accepting yourself you have to know yourself. Know your strengths and flaws, you are not perfect, and neither is anyone in this whole damn world. Knowing yourself is a journey you need to put some effort into. The following points are suggested:

1. Be aware of your values. You may write them on a piece of paper. Values are influenced by the environment a person lives in and the people he interacts with.

2. Know your interests. Now you may have a lot of interests in multiple fields, but you have to find that field in which you have the deepest passion. Ask yourself questions like what do you mostly pay attention to? What concerns you most? etc

3. You need to know when does your energy peaks most. Are you a morning person or a night person?

4. Try to figure your purpose in your life. Your life purpose may be anything that can affect something bigger than yourself. It is not just eating, running chores, and sleeping. It is finding something that makes you happy no matter how hard it becomes sometimes. This is something that thrives you to be in the moment and doesn’t matter what others think about this.

5. You need to be aware of your strengths. By strengths, it doesn’t mean only your skills but loyalty, emotional intelligence, respect for others, etc.

Lastly, stop labeling yourself try to know more about yourself because this is the key to accepting yourself just as you are, having high self-esteem, and being successful. Be a lifelong learner, be limitless.

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