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The Barriers in Your Mind

Is your mind filled with self-defeating and limiting barriers, you know, the road closed kind? Barriers probably built during your childhood and reinforced throughout your life. Every time you’ve been told you don’t have what it takes to accomplish something, barriers grew. Every time you’ve been rejected, humiliated, verbally abused and knocked down the barriers […]


Carpe Diem

Although not a perfect translation, Carpe Diem has come to mean seize the day. What a concept! Can you image if each of us upon rising in the morning opened our arms to the world and shouted Carpe Deim; let me “seize the day”. How would life be different for us? What are the possibilities? […]


Ah, To Be Resolute

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” So, are you resolved to succeed in life? If so, how do you measure that success? Some of us measure success by the amount of money we make, others by the emotional health of our […]