Change Your Focus Change Your Life!

I recently read a quote that said, “I am what I am today because of what I believed about myself yesterday. And I will be tomorrow, what I believe about myself today.”

Not only does that speak volumes to where our lives are now, but it also speaks volumes to where our lives are heading.

If you regularly think thoughts like, “I can’t catch a break, nothing ever works out for me, I have nothing to offer, who would want to go out with me, I’m so broke I can’t pay attention, life is unfair, people are always judging me.” There’s a good chance you’re unhappy, uninspired, lonely, and probably broke.

Thoughts really are things, and unfortunately the wrong kind can polarize our lives and become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Have you been around people who constantly complain and walk around with scowls on their faces wondering why people aren’t nicer to them? Don’t they just inspire you to go up and talk to them? Not hardly! Their thoughts and attitudes push people away.

On the other hand, have you been around people who always seem to have a smile on their face? They attract good things and people like a magnet. After all, who doesn’t want to be around someone who is happy, pleasant, friendly and engaging?

The million dollar question is. Are people the way they are because of the circumstances in their lives; or is it their beliefs and focus that tend to affect their circumstance? Definitely food for thought! I believe it’s the later.

Deep in our hearts we all want to be loved and accepted. It is however our thoughts and focus that will ultimately determine if we attract that love and acceptance into our lives, or push it away.

Trials and tribulation, time and chance, and hard knocks happen to us all. It is once again our focus, and how we deal with situations that will determine how we come through the trials and tribulations; and the quality of the life we live.

As a child of God you have an advocate who wants the best for you and can help you through anything. The caveat to that is, God will not do for you what you can or should do for yourself. He will give you the strength and ability to get through it; but it is you that must have the faith and tenacity to push ahead and not give up.

You must make a decision to change, and then become proactive by searching the scriptures and and everywhere else for solutions to your situation, problem, or limited way of thinking.

Start filling your mind with good, happy and positive thoughts. Read inspiring books and stories; create and read positive affirmations; and start looking for and expecting good things in your life.

Don’t just hope for good in your life, BELIEVE for good in your life!

Another thing to keep in mind is, birds of a feather flock together. If you’re hanging out with turkey’s its going to be next to impossible to fly with eagles. You need to surround yourself with positive and upbeat people if you want to be a positive and upbeat person. Keep in mind, real friends want the best for you, not to see you miserable and unhappy.

If i’ts unavoidable that you are around a negative person all the time, guard your mind from their thoughts and keep them lifted in prayer. God willing, you can bring them over to your side.

Lastly, stop talking about your problems all the time, it only makes you focus on them all the more.

Start changing your focus and you will surly begin to change your life!



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Do You Have Balance In Your Life?

For most of my adult life I’ve gone through periods where I spent great deals of time striving to better myself. Unfortunately it took me until somewhat recently to realize that I was going about it all wrong. While I would invest great deals of time into exercising my spiritual muscle, or my mind, or my body; I never did them all at the same time.

Life is about balance. To invest a lot of time in any one aspect of your life at the neglect of the others leaves you incomplete and without balance. That’s why we must invest time equally in exercising the spirit, the mind, and the body.

To me, our spiritual life is that part that gives meaning and purpose to our life. It’s also that part of us that moves us to care, to contribute, and to help others. Without growing spiritually we become self important, selfish, stagnate and contribute little or nothing to life or the world around us. Basically it leaves us feeling kind of empty and without purpose.

We must also exercise our mind daily. If we cease to learn and expand our understanding we sever the thing that helps us go beyond stagnation and mediocrity. We cease to be mentally stimulated and become board with life and ourselves. To learn is to grow and to grow is to expand and touch the lives of others.

Now if we were to exercise only our spirit and mind, but neglected our body; we’re likely to end up with a heart and desire to contribute and make a difference, but the inability to follow through due to a lack of energy, poor health and possible shortened life span.

Good intentions can only bring you so far. The key to life is balance, and the key to balance is to exercise each of those parts.

If you are reading this post, I believe like myself, you are striving for balance in your life. You desire to be the best you can be. You don’t want to settle for mediocrity or the status quo.

Well, for some time now I’ve been working hard on a more balanced approach to my life. I’m not always the most disciplined person in the world; but I really work hard to follow this schedule, and it’s been paying off big time.

I usually get up Monday through Friday at 6AM, get the coffee going and spend the next hour in prayer, reading scripture, spiritually uplifting books, and spiritual and motivational affirmations.

Next I’ll spend 30 to 45 minutes doing some cardio exercise. There is no better way to start your day than to exercise your spiritual muscle and your body. For me it puts my mood in the excellent category and gives me a clear advantage for having a great day.

Usually 4 or 5 days a week I also try and get a weight or some kind of muscle workout in during the day. It’s not always easy to get started, but it always leaves me feeling great.

After my spiritual and physical exercise it’s time for the mind. For that, I’m always reading, researching and learning something. I like creative exercises and playing on Luminosity. Some people like crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Whatever stimulates the brain and mind will do.

The schedule and system I’ve worked out for myself might not work for you. Just find something that will fit into your life, and go for it.

Since discovering this more balanced way of life; my attitude, my joy, my hope, my faith, and my life have all began to skyrocket. Moving forward has gone from having to push myself to feeling driven, and I can’t tell you how great that feels.

I’m truly excited about my life now, and hope you will join me regularly as we seek to improve our lives by growing in spirit, mind and body.

To you and finding balance!

“If you like what you’ve read, please feel free to share it with a friend; and recommend to them”.


Who Are You?

Who doesn’t at some time in their life ask the question, “who am I, why am I here, and does my life matter?” Very valid and extremely important questions; and depending on our beliefs, will explain a lot about where we are in our life right now.

So, are you where you want to be in life? Are you making a positive difference in your part of the world? Are you contributing to and making a difference in other people’s lives? Are you living abundantly? Do you enjoy your job? Are your relationships going well? Do you get up most days filled with gratitude and joy excited about the day ahead of you? Are you happy most of the time? Do you live your life with passion?

With the amazing God given potential each of us possesses we should be able to answer yes to each of the above questions. Yet for some reason, few of us ever move beyond mediocrity and live that kind of life. Most people blindly accept whatever circumstance happens their way, and accept is as if it were their destiny?

WHY is that? Is mediocrity what God wants for our lives?

Often from a very young age we are programmed by those people and situations around us to believe our lives are limited. They don’t do it on purpose, but they themselves have limiting belief systems passed on to them by others with limiting beliefs. Most people just accept, that whatever life they are born into, is their lot in life. That could not be further from the truth, and I can prove it.

Please check out this short video by a gentleman named Nick Vujicic, it’s only four minutes and so worth the time.

Another person to check out on YouTube is Sean Stephenson, please take the time and watch. Both of these gentlemen will prove that you do not need to be a victim of your circumstance.

Have you ever read the quote by Henry Ford that says, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”? There is so much truth in those words. If you believe you can accomplish something, you will push yourself until you succeed; nothing is going to get in your way. If you don’t believe you can, you will quite before you really even try; and once again prove to yourself that you can’t.

Can you imagine the life Nick Vujicic or Sean Stephenson would have if they accepted defeat and didn’t believe in themselves?

Our lives so often become self-fulfilling prophecies, and as long as we keep telling ourselves that we can’t do this or accomplish that, that is exactly what we will attract into our lives. If you focus on defeat and failure your life will be filled with defeat and failure. On the other hand, if you fill your mind with the belief that you can accomplish anything you truly desire, your life will take on a whole new direction and meaning.

We were not put on this earth to just exist and try to make the best out of whatever life throws at us. We are in training here and are meant to grow, develop, overcome, and become the best we can be. That means we don’t settle for whatever life throws at us, it means we overcome, and forge ahead and allow ourselves to grow to our full potential. It means we are supposed to be living an abundant life.

Now, when I say abundant life I’m not just talking about money, but abundance in your relationships, in health, in joy, in happiness, and so many other things. God wants nothing but the best for you. Would you as a parent want any less for your children? Why would anyone believe that God would?

You were given a great gift when you were given life, and you were given the ability to make a difference in this world. You have so much potential that it’s almost unfathomable. You need to realize that you are in training for an amazing future. The question is, are you willing to step out on faith and believe that your life can be so much more?

Changing our beliefs and overcoming past programming and self-sabotage when they’re deeply ingrained is a process that takes time, but it can be done. It starts with getting rid of limiting thoughts and beliefs and accepting the truth that God does not wish for any of us to live a life of mediocrity. He wants us to live happy, productive and meaningful lives.

Our lives should be about making a difference and becoming lights in a dark world. Of course, it’s very hard to be a light when you don’t think you deserve to shine.

You also need change your hoping for the best to BELIEVING for the best. It’s about faith!

It is my prayer you will come back to this blog often, as I have so much that I want to share with you on this journey of discovery and growth in the Spirit, Mind, and Body.

So, who are you, or the better question is, who do you want to be?

“If you like what you’ve read, please feel free to share it with a friend; and recommend to them”.